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Garmin Map Update on Windows, Mac, iOS & Android

Know how you can download and install Garmin map updates on your Windows computer, Macintosh, MacBook Pro and Air. Also, find all the details on how to get Garmin map updates on your iOS device, which include iPhone & iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.
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Garmin Maps Download – How To Get Garmin Map Updates For Free?

In order to locate the most suitable route for your destination, you must ensure that the latest maps are present in your Garmin GPS device. To know how to get the latest Garmin maps, you need to download and install it from a reliable source. To know steps for Garmin maps download via GPS Express, follow these steps:

  1. Go online and locate a reliable source where you can download Garmin Express. Once found, install the version compatible with your computer.
  2. Once installed, launch ‘Garmin Express’ on your PC.
  3. From the home screen of Garmin Express, you need to add your GPS device.
  4. Once you add your GPS device, you will be guided through the setup process.
  5. If you want to register your Garmin GPS using your email address, then that option is also open.
  6. As you add your GPS device to Garmin Express app, you will be directed to the dashboard of the app where you are going to see all the important updates pertaining to your GPS device.


How to view Garmin Map Update for a device that you’ve already added to the ‘Garmin Express’ app?

For this, you need to click on the ‘GPS device’ box, which is given on the home screen of your Garmin Express app. You will see all the available updates related to that device over there.

After that, you will be guided to install map updates in a systematic way.

  1. You need to download the map update on the GPS device with the help of ‘MyGarmin Account.
  2. Enter web address in the address bar of your web browser and create a new account in case you don’t have one. You will see on-screen instructions for completing the process.
  1. You need to login to your ‘myGarmin account’ on your computer, and once that is done; you can link your GPS device with it.
  2. Now, on the ‘Home’ tab, you need to click the ‘Register’ button and then, go through the instructions that you see coming on your computer for completing the registration.
  3. Then, click the ‘Order Now’ option from the ‘Home’ tab in order to download the free Garmin map updates.
  4. You need to locate the option labeled as ‘Get Free Garmin maps Update’. Once found, tap ‘Download’ followed by the ‘Next’ button.
  5. You will have to enter your product key because, without it, the map update process won’t complete. Once entered, click ‘Continue’.
  6. As you go through all the on-screen instructions and follow them step by step, click ‘Download’ and save the file on your computer where you can easily locate it from.

How To Install Garmin GPS Map Updates?

To install Garmin GPS Map Updates on your device, follow below-mentioned steps:

You need to install Garmin map update with the help of Garmin Express, and the detailed process for it is explained here below:

  1. If you want to know how do I update my Garmin maps for free, then you will have to launch Garmin Express and from its dashboard, you can check for the available map updates.
  2. Then, click the ‘Install All’ button, which is given right next to update information in order to start the installation process.
  3. You are going to be guided in the most suitable way as to how you can complete the Garmin map update installation process.

Note – It is important for you to not operate your system when the installation is going on, as it could disturb the entire installation process. 

In case, there isn’t enough space on the GPS device to perform the complete installation of the map update, then you will be prompted by Garmin Express to hold the map update data because Garmin Express is Garmin update software used to update the firmware and maps on your Garmin device.

For quick assistance, you can contact Garmin GPS experts as well.

How to install map updates using ‘MyGarmin’ account?

  1. To install map updates with the help of the Garmin account, your account must be connected to your PC.
  2. Go to the folder where the map update download file was downloaded. Once found, run ‘GarminMapUpdateX.X.dmg file (if using a Mac computer) or ‘GarminMapUpdateX.X.exe (if using a Windows computer).
  3. Select your GPS device, then accept the license agreement followed by entering the product key. After that, you need to click ‘Continue’ to complete the process.
  4. When you see this message, i.e., ‘Ready to update your maps’ on the screen, then you will have to select ‘Also install the map for use on Mac’ option if using a Mac computer, or select ‘Install to device only’ option if using Windows.

With that, your Garmin map updates are successfully installed and ready to use.

Download Free Maps For Your Garmin Device

Follow the right steps to download free map updates on your respective Garmin GPS device.
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Don’t wander for Garmin map updates 2018 free download when you can get all the assistance right here. Just contact us to know how to download free maps update 2018 for Garmin GPS devices along with information related to downloading Garmin GPS with traffic and lifetime map updates.

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Download Garmin Map Updates 2016

You can now download Garmin map updates 2016 with the help of Garmin Update Software or ‘myGarmin’ account. Get the updates to ensure that you have the most relevant map data at your disposal before your next trip. Select your region and get the update.

Update Cycling Maps

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Garmin Nuvi Map Update

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Get assisted regarding the process of updating Garmin maps golf for free. With golf course update maps, you will be able to receive the latest golf ground features like hole numbers, tees, greens and fairways. For the most appropriate golf course map data and troubleshooting techniques, call us.

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Know how to get the free automotive map updates for Garmin device to get the latest view of street, searchable points of interest along with public/private boundaries. The latest maps are 100% accurate and offer the most suitable routes for trips.

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Learn how to update the GPS maps on your Garmin outdoor device in order to stay on the correct route. With relevant map download resource guides and informational tips, we can guide you regarding any download error befalling Garmin.

Map Update on Windows, Mac, iOS & Android

Know how you can download and install Garmin map updates on your Windows computer, Macintosh, MacBook Pro and Air. Also, find all the details on how to get Garmin map updates on your iOS device, which include iPhone & iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.

How To Fix Garmin GPS Map Update Issues?

There are many issues associated with the GPS map update process, so let’s delve into the details as to what those issues are and how to solve them.

Can’t Download Garmin Map Update

It is important for you to have a high-speed and stable internet connection. If you can’t download Garmin map update, then you need to scan your device to ensure that there isn’t any malware present on the system. Also, make sure that there is enough room for the file that is being downloaded on the device. If there are any unnecessary programs running in the background, make sure to close all those and then, trying to download and install Garmin map update.

Can't download map updates

Garmin map update Server Error

While the Garmin update process, if you are seeing ‘Error Connecting Server’ message on the screen, then you will have to turn off the firewall along with antivirus software. Along with that, you should try to update the maps on both wired as well as the wireless connection to check if either of the platforms was creating issues. Along with that, select the web browser that you are currently using to your default browser.

Garmin map server error

Can’t unlock maps after update

If GPS maps aren’t opening even after a successful installation, then you need to diagnose and fix the disconnected network driver and corrupt .Net framework. In addition to that, you need to replace the shortcut to maps if they are damaged or close all the unnecessary programs using ‘Task Manager’ when you find the CPU running at 100% usage. If this error ceased to resolve, reinstall the update for the Garmin map.

Can't unlock maps

Map update slow download

In case, the map update is downloading at a slow speed, then you will have to disable all the security software, shut down all the unnecessary programs running in the background along with removing conflicting processes from the machine. Besides these, disconnect any device connected to the internet so as to provide all the signal strength to the downloading process of the Garmin map update. In case, you are using an outdated web browser or Windows version, then make sure to update the system’s software for desired results.

Garmin maps not downloading

Questions? I have answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Updating Garmin GPS device is pretty simple, as you just need to have Garmin Express application installed on your computer/laptop. Check out more about it here.

Garmin Express is an application designed to update software, maps, register a device, manage favorites and much more. Read more

To register a Garmin GPS device, you need to provide your email address at the time of registering your device on Garmin Express. There is no need to enter your name, address, serial number or any other personal information. Garmin just needs your email address.

Here’s a tip: If you already have a Garmin account, then keep in mind to use the same email address you used to create the account in order to make your Garmin device appear on the list of registered products

For devices linked to Garmin Connect, especially the fitness devices, Garmin is going to automatically register it for you at the time of device setup, so nothing is required from your end. Your device is going to appear as a registered device in Garmin Connect account that you link it at the time of device setup.

You need a Garmin account while setting up a fitness device. The account will be used by Garmin to know as to which Garmin Connect account to send all your activities to. If you don’t possess a Garmin Connect account, make sure you create one at the time of device setup. Signing into Garmin Connect account is optional for those using Garmin Golf devices.

To do this, set up your fitness device in Garmin Express. You can then have your fitness activities ready to upload to Garmin Connect. Therefore, you need to connect your device to the computer and sync it. Some device types are going to be synced automatically while connecting to the computer. Some Garmin devices need users to push a button on the device to sync. You need to check the user manual for instructions related to your Garmin device. It doesn’t matter which syncing method you opt, you don’t have to open Garmin Express for syncing. As the upload completes, you’ll receive a notification on the computer after which, you will have to go to Garmin Connect to view the data.

Many current smartphones are equipped with Bluetooth Smart technology, which is a power-efficient technology that allows you to connect your smartphone with your Garmin’s Bluetooth Smart Products.

No, only workouts that are associated with workout device files are going to be synced. But, you will have to enter those workouts manually into the TrainingPeaks.

You can sync using the website as well as the device. For web sync, the data between your Garmin Explore app and website is transferred using the internet. You can check the last successful sync on the app itself. For device sync, you can sync the data between Garmin device(s) and Garmin Explore app through Bluetooth connectivity.

A wide range of information is shared such as your routes, tracks, waypoints and activities will be synced from Garmin devices to Explore app. Everything except activities will be synced from the app to Garmin device.

Can't Download Garmin Map Updates

When you can’t download and install the Garmin map update through Garmin Express, then you should take the help of the points written in the section below.

Error downloading Garmin Map Update (For Mac) – There could be many reasons for not being able to download Garmin map update for Mac such as firewall, antivirus, Windows Defender and other similar software programs, so make sure to disable the security software to get the download started.

Fail to download map update on Garmin device – This problem occurs when the device is working on incompatible mode. You will have to change the mode of your Garmin device from MTP to mass storage mode.

No map update showing on the device – In case, this is the error message that you see, then it means there isn’t any map update on Garmin updater. So, the maps have either been updated or you have not upgraded the updater firmware. Identify the reason behind the message and fix it accordingly.

Garmin map update download error on Windows 10/8/7

There are three scenarios in which, Garmin map update fails to download, which are:

  1. Garmin Express not opening.
  2. Garmin map update taking too much time to download, sometimes days to complete the updating process.
  3. Seeing error code with a message ‘Can’t download maps update through Garmin Express’.

In case, you come across any of the aforementioned errors, then you should try the following solutions:


  1. For Garmin Express not working on Windows 10 or any other compatible version, you need to make sure that you haven’t updated the Windows version lately.
  2. In case, you did, then uninstall Garmin Express by going into the ‘Control Panel’, then ‘Programs’ and finally, ‘Uninstall Program’ link.
  3. Now, you need to select Garmin Express from the list followed by pressing the ‘Uninstall’ button.
  4. Once Garmin Express uninstalls, you can scan your Garmin Express installer file. If the file is found suspicious, download Garmin Express from a secured source or else, you will have to reinstall Garmin Express on your system.

Note – You need to take this action because at times, upgrading the windows version may change the installed files of Express program.

5.Also, when you are not able to download the Garmin map update despite waiting for hours, then you need to disable all the security software on a temporary basis such as your antivirus, firewall and Windows Defender.

Note – This action is going to expedite the process of map update download.

6.Thirdly, if you come across any error message similar to ‘Garmin Express map update download fails’, then,

  1. You need to restart your computer to install any Garmin Express software update that is available.
  2. If the error persists despite the successful completion of the Garmin Express firmware update, then you need to restart your computer. As soon as the computer restarts, press F8 key after 1 second.
  3. Once you see the displayed hardware information along with completing the memory test, you will see ‘Advanced Boot Options’.
  4. With arrow keys, scroll down to safe mode followed by clicking ‘Safe Mode with Network’ and then, hitting ‘Enter’.
  5. Your computer will start in safe mode with network. With that, you will see that the Garmin map update has been downloaded successfully with the help of Express software.
  6. Moreover, if you can’t download the Garmin map update on a microSD card, then check if the card has enough space or not. If not, then you will have to create an alternative space in the SD card.


Can’t download map update on Mac OS

The reasons why you see ‘Garmin map update won’t download’ error include the following:

  1. Old and outdated Mac OS.
  2. Internet/Network related issues.
  3. Corrupt Garmin Express program.
  4. Not enough space in Garmin device, microSD card or CD.

Solution to this problem:

  1. Install or update Mac OS to the latest version that is available for your device. If you are already using the newest Mac OS, then you will have to scan Garmin Express software.
  2. In case, the scanned Garmin Express program identifies any malware, then you will have to download Garmin Express again, but only from a reliable source.
  3. You can even opt for a repair option with the help of the ‘Control Panel’. However, it is extremely important to reinstall the Garmin Express application.
  4. You should also check whether there is enough space on the micro SD card to download the source.

If the current space is less than the size of the Garmin map update, then you will have to either change the download source or create more space on the card by deleting unnecessary files.

However, if the Garmin is stuck on the downloading process due to network issue, then you need to try the following steps to fix the issue –

  1. Restart your router as it might be overloaded or you should wait for a few hours before downloading the Garmin map update again, as there could be issues with the server.
  2. After that, you need to reset the router to restore default factory settings. For that, you need to press the ‘reset’ button given on the backside of the router.

Note – Once the router resets, log into to set up the network again.

While setting up the router, make sure that the networks are allotted different SSID names, however, you can change a few things like the DOS protection and security options.

  1. Try to download the Garmin map update again.
  2. In case, you are facing the same issues, then troubleshoot the internet.
  3. Along with that, make sure to keep the router and Garmin device close to each other.
  4. Delete any partially downloaded Garmin map from your PC.

Finally, if you are still not able to download the Garmin map update, then let GPS experts assist you.

Fail to download Map Update on Garmin device

If you are unable to prepare your device for receiving the map update or software, then follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect your Garmin GPS device.
  2. Now, restart the device and make sure to change ‘MTP to ‘Mass Storage Mode’.
  3. On your GPS device, open the volume screen and then, press and hold the upper right corner of the screen with your finger for around 10 seconds.
  4. The moment you see the developer screen, start looking for MTP settings. Once found, tap on it.
  5. You are going to see MTP auto-detect, Mass Store and Mass Storage Single Session.
  6. You need to select ‘Mass Storage’ and then, press the ‘Save’ button.

At last, try to download the Garmin map update on the device.

No map update is showing on Garmin Device or Software

If you are unable to see any of the updates on your Garmin device, then you need to begin the troubleshooting by checking your Garmin Express app.

  1. Check the firmware of Garmin Express.
  2. Make sure that the Garmin updater is up-to-date because the outdated version won’t work normally.
  3. You need to update the system software on Garmin Nuvi with web updater.
  4. If Garmin map update download continues to fail, then run a check disk on the device.

Now, you will be allowed to download the Garmin map update on your device.