Best Garmin GPS Sports Watches To Consider In 2023

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Garmin GPS Sports watches

Today, Smartwatches plays a very important role in our lives, especially people who are associated with sports and fitness. They not only provide casual details like heart rate and tracking of our steps but today’s smartwatches often include GPS and can provide casual details. Whether you’re running, swimming, or climbing, these watches will track and will save all your progress. Besides providing some basic smartphone notifications, their main objective is to focus on sports tracking.

 When it comes to smartwatches, Garmin is the first you can think of. Garmin’s Smartwatches are worth as they provide smart features at such a reasonable price. Garmin has launched many Smartwatches. So, it becomes really difficult to choose the correct one. So, here are some lists of great watches that are launched by Garmin. We will discuss its features and price. So, stick together with us for the best tour on smartwatches.

  • Coros Apex and Apex Pro

This watch was launched in 2018. Coros Apex and Apex Pro have stronger hardware with many smart features. These are excellent sport watches with true tone display, sapphire glass and titanium alloy bezels. They both have longer battery life and smart notification support. The Apex Pro is $100 more than Coros Apex and has touch screen capability with blood oxygen monitoring. These watches also include strength and custom training modes, making these Coros watches some of the best sports GPS watches available today.

  • Garmin VivoActive 4 and Venu

These watches are really good not only when it comes to features but also it is good-looking and suits athletes when they wear this watch. These smartwatches are best for hiking in the mountains and other outdoor activities as well. You can even wear this while doing brisk walking as this smartwatch determines stamina too. Garmin Venu comes with AMOLED display which makes it unique from VivoActive 4. Another remarkable feature is the battery life. Both watch’s battery can last up to weeks and while with GPS, it can last up to 60 hours. This watch has a tight grip and is lighter in weight as compared to other watches.

  • Garmin Fenix 6 series

This product which is recently launched by Garmin is magnificent. Garmin Fenix 6 series is the ultimate GPS multi-sport watch lineup which is made using premium products. It has advance sports tracking features. This smartwatch doesn’t have touch screen capability. Many athletes during workout sweat a lot which makes it difficult to operate watch with wet hands. So, it has a five-button interface from where you can access all options and navigate the watch. This watch comes with golf club sensors, bike sensors, and more. Even the smallest Fenix 6 is a fairly sizable watch so you have to be a fan of big watches.

  • Garmin Forerunner 245 and 945

These models which are launched by Garmin are excellent products. These watches come with very good battery life, advanced running dynamics, stand-alone music playback support. The Forerunner 245 is very suitable for casual runners and costs hundreds less than the Forerunner 945. Meanwhile, Forerunner 945 is designed for those persons who measure and analyze all the tracking details of their runs. This model is best used for improving results for races and other competitions. Body Battery, menstrual cycle tracking, Garmin Pay, pulse oximeter, and more advanced functions are all included in Garmin watches today.