How To Troubleshoot ‘Garmin Connect Not Working’ Issue?

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How To Troubleshoot Garmin Connect Not Working Issue?

When we say ‘Garmin Connect not working’, it has a vivid number of meanings according to different situations. Don’t worry, we will discuss the basic troubleshooting steps for most common issues encountered on Garmin connect.

We will discuss the possible causes of Garmin Connect not working along with the handy solutions that can be implemented easily.

Common reasons for Garmin Connect not working

Garmin Connect failed to load due to poor connection: If the network connection on your Garmin device is not proper, you will find a cursor keeps on revolving on the screen without any further progress.

Connect app stopped responding due to damaged port: The Connect app if stopped working all of a sudden, then it might be due to loose or damaged cable connection.

Garmin connect disconnecting from Express software: This generally happens if there is a server problem on Garmin Express or the software can’t find the Garmin device.

Corrupted files on the Garmin Express also lead to this error.

Garmin Connect doesn’t work if there is any virus or malware on the computer/mobile.

Incorrect Garmin connect settings: If you are a novice user of Garmin Connect and customize the settings without any knowledge, then the Connect app will not work efficiently.

Solutions to the different problems that result in ‘Garmin Connect not working’.

  1. Garmin Connect not pairing with Express software: The below-mentioned troubleshooting steps will help to resolve the issue
  2. Reboot the mobile and start the pairing process again.
  3. Update Garmin Express software.
  4. The login credentials must be carefully checked.
  5. If the server issue persists, then contact Garmin Experts.
  6. Garmin device not pairing during syncing: The steps to get rid of this problem are:
  7. Don’t connect the devices to the public Wi-Fi.
  8. When using the internet, check the signal strength using the speed test link.
  9. If the device still losing connection during syncing, then contact your ISP and get the network problem resolved.
  10. If the internet is ok, then check the ports and cables connected to the Garmin device.
  11. Garmin Connect freezes:
  12. Restart the mobile device in order to free up the RAM space.
  13. Disable firewall security and third-party software.
  14. Clean Cache, cookies, and history to improve the networking speed of Garmin connect.
  15. Run Connect app in Compatibility mode.
  16. Check if the new version of the Garmin Connect app is available or not.
  17. Can’t login to Garmin Connect account: If you are not being able to login to the Garmin Connect account, then you can follow the below-mentioned solutions in such scenario:
  18. Check the username and password carefully. If there is any spelling mistake, then you won’t be able to login. The login credentials are case-sensitive.
  19. If you have changed the password earlier, then login with the new password.
  20. You can reset the password of your Garmin Connect using the ‘Garmin Connect password reset’ option.
  21. Garmin Connect app crashes every time: If the Garmin Connect app crashes every time you launch, then there is most likely the reason of the corrupted file behind this issue. To fix it:
  22. Uninstall Garmin Connect from the mobile device.
  23. Download the latest version of Garmin Connect.
  24. Scan the app for malware and viruses.
  25. Install the app and try accessing it again.

Apart from the above-mentioned problems, if you are facing any other issues with your Garmin Connect mobile app, then contact the Garmin GPS experts at our toll-free number.