Everything To know About Edge 130 Plus & Edge 1030 Plus

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Garmin Edge 130 and 1030 plus

Garmin recently launched two new GPS cycling devices i.e. Edge 130 Plus & Edge 1030 Plus. Not only advanced navigation technology but these devices also offer safety for cyclists. These devices are fit for both the environments i.e. users can use these devices for both outdoor and indoor cycling. These devices are compatible with Garmin Connect app as well as with training applications like Training Peaks and Trainer Road, along with Strava.

Talking about features, Garmin has updated its interface and it is very friendly, very easy to use.  You can set alarms, reminders and it even allows you to view your missed calls and messages. During workout, these devices track your training insights such as VO2 Max and heart rate monitoring. Also, there is new ClimbPro feature which gives an idea on the ascent and inclines of a course.

Talking about Edge 130 Plus, it is cheaper than other two models and provides Global Positioning System (GPS), GLONAySS, and Galileo navigation support, along with a built-in altimeter. This model also features smart connectivity and even allows you to view your messages without lifting up your phone. Its battery life is also quite good and supports up to 12 hours of battery life and if you are using two sensors simultaneously then you can expect up to 10 hours of life. Edge 130 plus comes with 1.8″ non-color display and comes with physical buttons so that you can operate device easily. This model comes under 1-year warranty and talking its price, it is economical. For further details, you can visit official site and can get full list of Garmin retailers.

Meanwhile, the Edge 1030 Plus is an advanced device which comes with the title “Ultimate GPS Cycling Computer” and it really has most the accurate maps installed. More than 80 countries can be viewed on this device via the Trailforks app says the Trail. It also features a new feature which is called Forksight. It displays upcoming forks in cycling trails. In this device too you can track metrics such as VO2 Max, recovery time, training load, training focus, and also offers daily workout suggestions. Edge 1030 Plus has 3.5″ touchscreen display. You can easily operate this device during monsoons and even while wearing gloves. Garmin also allows Edge 1030 Plus to connect with a Tacx indoor trainer. By this, cyclist gains accessibility to access all features and tracking capabilities of the cycling computer. But this only works when watch is connected to Tacx Trainer.

Garmin has assured that Edge 1030 Plus has battery life up to 24 hours even using with GPS, multiple paired sensors, as well as other connected features. This model is compatible with various devices which warn cyclists of coming traffic from the rear.

Talking about its price, Edge 1030 Plus costs around $999 which is quoted by the Garmin. This product is totally worth seeing its features and comes under 1-year warranty.