Is Your Garmin Express Not Syncing? Get The Right Solution

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Garmin Express not syncing

Are you getting the sync problem on your Garmin Express? Is Your Garmin Express Not Syncing? If yes, then read the troubleshooting guide mentioned here in this post. After reading the post, you will come to know about the following things:

  • What causes sync issues on the Garmin device?
  • What can be the potential solutions to the problem
  • Quick fixes to the problem.
  • How to fix rigid errors.

Why is Garmin Express not syncing?

Outdated software

If the Garmin Express installed on the computer is not updated, then you may get the prompt message for the same on the computer screen. Perform an update for the software.

Corrupted data or files on the Garmin device

If any single file or chunk is corrupted on the Garmin device, then they will not upload on the Garmin connect.

Damaged Garmin Express

There are ample reasons for Garmin not working. Among them, the most common is malware.

However, if the Garmin Express not syncing, then check whether the full file is downloaded on the computer or not.

Space issue

The storage space if insufficient on your Garmin device or Garmin connect, then it won’t allow you to sync the data.

Authentication error

The Garmin login credentials must match with the server information you entered earlier. If there is any mismatch in the login credentials of the Express program, then you will get a sync error.

Now, let’s start with the troubleshooting steps.

If you are not able to detect the causes of the problem, then keep reading the troubleshooting steps for the same problem.

  • Check the firmware version of GE. If the update is available, download and install it instantly.
  • Check the software of the device as well.
  • Check the communicator plugin on the device. If the sync process is working properly on another device, then there are chances that the plugin is not available on that particular device.
  • Check the network strength and connectivity.
  • If you are getting server error on the Garmin screen, then check the network settings.
  • In case everything mentioned above is working normally, you need to inspect the cable connections. If there is any damaged or loose cable found, replace it immediately.
  • Scan the device for viruses. If there is any virus or malware available, remove it through an anti-virus program.

How to sync the device using Garmin Express?

In the synchronization process, the data from the device is transferred to the Garmin Connect account and you can further transfer it to the GPS again. To sync the device automatically, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Download the Garmin express from the online sources and install it on a computer or laptop.
  2. Open the Express program and connect the device to the PC.
  3. Register the device and click on the ‘Sync now’ button.
  4. Enter the login credentials and get them verified by the servers. Once the process gets done, the sync process will auto-initiate.

Garmin Express still not syncing?

Follow advanced solutions if the Garmin Express is still not syncing.

When you click on the ‘Sync now’ button, the Garmin Express doesn’t start sync automatically most of the times and you will get an error code on the screen.

This happens due to the corrupted files being uploaded on the Garmin Express. To get rid of this, open the reliable repair tool.

  • Open the Garmin Activity folder on PC and look for file ‘Corrupt’.
  • Copy the file to desktop and open the repair tool.
  • Upload the corrupted file from the desktop to the webpage.
  • Wait for the file to get converted to the fixed file.
  • Once done, download the repaired file and click to send it to Garmin connect. Click on the ‘Import’ button.

This is how you can troubleshoot the syncing problem of your Garmin device using the Garmin express. If you want to move the activity files from the device that causes Garmin Sync error, then get those removed with the help of experts available 24×7 online.