Garmin Express Not Working On Windows 8

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Garmin Express No Longer Starts On Windows 8

Garmin Express plays the most important role when it comes to updating maps and firmware of Garmin devices. Without Garmin Express, you can’t update Garmin maps and Garmin firmware unless you know an alternative. If you are using Windows 8 computer and want to update your Garmin device using Garmin Express, but can’t do so because your Garmin Express not working on Windows 8, then read on.

Let’s see how to fix Garmin Express not starting issue on Windows 8 anymore. For the solution, we have taken Garmin Forerunner 15, but the steps remain the same for most Garmin GPS devices. If you have connected your Garmin Forerunner 15 to the computer and launched Garmin Express, but see ‘the application can’t be opened’ error on the screen, then you need to check if the computer has opened normally or not. If you have tried all the possible solutions, but couldn’t put Garmin Express to working state, then don’t worry. You can fix the problem of Garmin Express not working in Windows 8 by going through the following steps:

You need to check if the Garmin Core Update Service is in the “Starting” state in the list of Windows services. If it is, then it fails to start completely. Killing the process and starting it results in the same thing.

The problem can be solved by disabling Windows Firewall and starting Garmin Core Update Service. If the problem is fixed now, then that’s great, otherwise, move onto the next solution.

If you have never encountered this problem before, then that is because Garmin Express did not like one of the latest Windows updates. The solution worked like wonders, so if you want to try it, then you will have to disable the firewall on your Windows 8.1 temporarily to launch Garmin Express. Here is how you can do it:

  • Launch the Windows Run window with the Windows + R key combination
  • Type services.msc in the field then Ok to open the Windows services window
  • Locate the Windows Firewall service, right-click on it, then Stop
  • Locate the Garmin Core Update Service in the list, start it by right-clicking then Start
  • Restart the Windows Firewall
  • Launch the Garmin Express app

If your Garmin Express continues to be non-working despite disabling the Firewall, then you will have to get in touch with experts to get the right solution for this problem.