How To Get Rid Of Common Garmin GPS Issues?

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Garmin devices are popular in the field of navigation be it on the road or under the water. You can use the Garmin device to find the best route to the selected location. When you enter the destination location in the search field, all the possible routes along with the traffic information will be displayed on the screen. You can follow any route of your choice out of the given options. Garmin manufactures GPS Nuvi devices, smart sports watches, fitness products, and aviation devices.

It keeps on advancing the products by bringing the latest features and updates. However, sometimes these updates may raise some problems that can be complicated even. In such cases, one can’t troubleshoot the problem on his own. If you are facing any issue with the Garmin device like the device is not working, updating or charging, then read the blog post. We will walk you through the general troubleshooting steps for major Garmin problems.

The solutions are well-tested and verified by the Garmin experts, so you don’t need to hesitate to implement them.

Turning on the Garmin unit:

  • Make sure that the power button on the Garmin GPS is turned to on position.
  • Check if the power cable is properly connected to the unit or not.
  • Check the fuse if it needs replacement or working fine.
  • If your product is more than 6 months old, then check the battery. Sometimes the battery starts draining fast than the normal. In such cases, you can get the battery replaced free of cost from the company. Yes if your product is out of warranty, then you will have to pay the charges.

No sound in Garmin

  • Check whether the speaker is connected properly to the Garmin or not.
  • Check if the device is set to mute. Raise the level of volume from the device.
  • If the volume is low, then increase it to a normal level.
  • Check the speakers carefully for any fault or wire breakage

Touch screen not working: This is one of the most common issues faced by many users using the Garmin device. If you are among those facing the same problem, then go through the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Open the Garmin menu from the Garmin connect or ‘Garmin Express’.
  2. Go to ‘options’.
  3. Click on ‘System and calibration’ and calibrate the device screen.
  4. The device screen will start working normally after this. If the screen still doesn’t work, then you can get it repaired from the technicians.

So this is all about the troubleshooting steps for the most common issues encountered on the Garmin GPS device. We hope you must find these steps helpful from a DIY troubleshooting point of view. If you need help with any other issue befalling the Garmin device, then feel free to contact the experts. They know the tips and tricks to fix the problem in the best possible time.