Garmin Connect: How To Use It?

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how to use garmin connect

Garmin Connect is a platform that allows you to keep a close tab on your health and wellbeing. You just need to pair it with your Garmin device, you will have full control over your data.

Here is how you can use Garmin Connect for the first time.

Pairing your device

To have all your data analysed easily from your Garmin device, you need to pair your device with Garmin Connect.

You need to download the app on your smartphone, then create an account using your email. Then, launch the app and go to the menu on the top left side. Then, look for the ‘Garmin Devices’ option. If you have paired any Garmin device before, then you will see it on the list. If you are pairing a device for the first time, then select the ‘Insert Device’ option. As soon as you find your device, select it and begin with the pairing.

How to combine groups and create connections

Garmin Connect allows you to find your friends and share workout details.

Connections are profiles and these profiles and actions can be seen in the ‘News’ section of the program. You can enter the details of your friends in the search bar using Garmin Connect.

Garmin also allows you to edit your privacy preferences so that to have control over the information that is shared with other users.

You can also join specific groups that suit your interests. As soon as you know the details of a group, you can search for it and check out its members, recent activities and other information. To join a group, tap ‘three dots’ give in the top right corner of the app.

Creating Challenges

You can create challenges to make things interesting. You can create challenges in the form of activities and periods to create a competitive part of your activity. Garmin Connect will inform you about the winner once the challenge is over. To prepare a challenge, you can tap ‘Produce Challenge’ and people you want to compete with.

You can also select the activity you want to compete with, which could be any activity of your choice.

Connecting Garmin link to Strava

You won’t be able to manually track actions on Garmin Connect. For tracking activities like cycling and running, you will have to connect it to other programs.

You can link Garmin Connect to Strava to view data in both apps. For that, go to ‘Settings’ followed by searching for ‘Third-Party Apps’. Find ‘Strava’ on the list and once found, log in to your Strava account to complete the connection. You can use two programs together as well.

How to create courses

You can create routes with Garmin Connect to ensure that you return home in the quickest possible time. You can look for ‘Training Option and Select Courses’. After that, select the ‘Create Course’ followed by selecting the kind, of course, you are interested in.

You can select to pick an automated class, which is developed from one starting point. Just add a title, distance, and direction to begin. You can also create your own course if you want. As you finish creating the path, click ‘Save’ and now, you are all set to use the path.

Using LiveTrack

If you are looking to go jogging alone or riding alone and want your family or friends to monitor you, then LiveTrack is a great feature. Features like your location and heart rate can be monitored live by the people you authorize to use the app.

But, you need to set up this feature by launching the Garmin Connect app followed by selecting ‘Live Track’. Then, select the device you want to join and add a name to the session along with selecting how you want the info to be shared with LiveTrack link. Select ‘Start LiveTrack’ and you are good to go.

Get those badges

If you have achieved an activity milestone, then you will be provided certain badges, as Garmin unlock certain badges for accomplishing certain milestones. To learn more about those badges, you can go to the primary ‘My Day’ page on Garmin Connect and search for your profile avatar. Then, press the icon to get to your own profile where you can see the badges you have earned.