My Garmin Device Is Paired But Not Connecting To The Garmin Connect App

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Garmin not paired with Garmin Connect app

Sometimes, you may find the annoying issues with your Garmin device. These are due to the Garmin app not connected to the Garmin Connect app whereas it is successfully paired.  In such a scenario, there is no need to get disappointed, simply follow the tricks and tips which we are going to share with you in this post. You will come across the below-mentioned issues on your Garmin Connect app:

  • Steps you walked on the watch are not displaying in the Garmin Connect app. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, health fanatics are not able to go to gym and park, so they can track the fitness through Garmin fitness devices.
  • Any activity recorded in the Garmin device is not displaying in the Garmin Connect account.
  • No past locations and search history related to the GPS available in Garmin Connect.

To troubleshoot these problems, you need to go through the simple troubleshooting steps. Try each step and check if the problem is resolved or not.

  1. Close the app from the smart device. It can be a smartphone or tablet. If you are using the Android smartphone, then the instructions are different from that of Apple.
  2. You don’t need to force close the app. Just close it from the app icon. If you force close it, then the sync process may get stopped and you will find no data relevant to your device on the device screen.
  3. If you want to force close the app from the apple, then double click on the home button and swipe the screen up to close the app from the list of recently opened apps. If you are using the Android device, then click on the hamburger icon and swipe left or right to close the app.
  4. Turn off the Garmin device and wait for few seconds to turn it on again.
  5. If you have a rechargeable watch that does not have a power button, then simply plug the device to the power source and unplug it. This is similar to restarting a device.
  6. Vivo fit devices: No need to follow this step for the ViVofit device as there is no option to restart this device.
  7. Turn off the Bluetooth settings from the phone and turn them on again.
  8. Power off your smartphone and restart it. Check the battery level of a device.
  9. Now, pair the device again with the Android or Apple device. You will find the name of the device in the ‘Nearby devices’ list.

Important: When you remove the device from the phone, you need to accomplish this using the Garmin Connect app or Bluetooth settings. If you don’t know how to add or re-add the device, you can click on the link which says ‘Removing or adding fitness devices in Garmin Connect login’.

We hope the issue will be resolved after implementing the above-mentioned steps. If you are still having any trouble or the issue continues to persist, you can contact the Garmin customer care for further help.